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How Remote Learning is Reshaping the Future of Career Development

Published by April Quinones

18 May, 2021


Truth be told, no one has ever imagined the world to succumb to a deadly viral disease that will shake every nations’ economy to its bones. Although life is a little harder these days, many people have shown their resilience and perseverance to get through each day. Indeed, humans are born with the natural abilities to adapt, especially during these trying times.

When it comes to education, modern technology has bridged the physical gap between learners and teachers during the onslaught of the pandemic. Most schools, colleges, and universities depend on various remote learning systems that help keep students on track, despite the ongoing health crisis.

But, how can distance learning reshape the future of career development in the medical, technical, and financial arena, as well as in other fields?

ART Providers Ltd., an online training solutions platform, answers this question in this blog post.

Remote Learning Throughout the Years

During pre-pandemic times, the traditional face-to-face class seems to be the norm. Remote learning, however, has been around for quite some time, although it was only considered an alternative rather than the go-to option. In a nutshell, it primarily caters to working professionals from different fields, including those in the Veterinarian & Agricultural sector and those in remote regions.

Nonetheless, the National Centre for Education Statistics found out that 34.7% of college students attend at least one online course in 2018. This data is slightly higher than the previous year’s 33.1% record. On the other hand, educational technology (EdTech) investments are growing rapidly and have reached a whopping $18.7 billion in 2019. In 2025, the global online education market may turn into a $350 billion industry.

Benefits of Remote Learning

As mentioned earlier, technology has played an important role in creating the current e-learning landscape. Smartphones, computers, laptops, and other devices have paved the way for convenient learning techniques, which was only a dream for most people back in the day.

Moreover, virtual learning has allowed people to study at their own pace and skill level, which is quite more difficult in a typical classroom setup. Ultimately, remote learning helps eliminate educational barriers and minimize costs.

Remote Learning and Career Development

While remote learning has changed our perspective on education, it has also reshaped how we see ourselves grow in our respective fields. Since we have already experienced the perks of studying remotely, the same may also be said to our careers.

Working from home definitely has its fair share of drawbacks, but it’s also a viable option, especially during this extraordinary circumstance. One may even consider pursuing their passion and building their business online to thrive.

Furthermore, many companies are considering having permanent remote work setups for their employees. Hopefully, doing so will help create a dynamic working environment that’s convenient for everyone.

Of course, bouncing back from the deluge that the COVID-19 has brought can be more challenging than you think. Nonetheless, with all the necessary knowledge and tools, you’ll soon be back on your feet.

Whether you are in the law & legal profession or other fields, keeping abreast of the latest information and development is critical to your career growth. Fortunately, there are many useful sites, like ART Providers Ltd., that offer various webinars and e-learning courses, which can help catapult you to the top of your game. Choose from a wide array of online courses, depending on your needs.

Remote learning has opened up a lot of possibilities for everyone, which can help hasten their career development in the future. Indeed, learning has never been easier.